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With over 70 years of know-how and experience passed down from our predecessors, we strive to work as meat specialists who continually meet the diverse needs of our customers.
As the middleman between meat producers and sales agents, we always keep our motto of “safe, trustworthy, and delicious” in mind when selecting reliable and tasty meat products that we are sure will satisfy our customers.
It is our goal as a company to truly delight our customers and we put all efforts into building trustworthy partnerships and pursuing both safety and reliability.

CEO, Yukihiro Shingaki

Company Profile

Name SHINGAKI Inc.,Ltd
Representative CEO, Yukihiro Shingaki
Address 280-1 Minamihanagashimacho, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki
Established September 1999
Capital 3,000,000 JPY
Business Activities Meat Wholesale, Sales of Meat/Processed Meat Products, Registered distributor of Miyazaki Beef
Employees 35 (As of April 1, 2018)


1949 Shingaki Butcher Shop and piggery established in Namishimacho, Miyazaki City
1983 Dedicated butchers shop opened in Minamihanagashimacho, Miyazaki City
1999 Corporate registration as Shingaki Meats Inc.
2001 Delivery center opened in Minamihanagashimacho, Miyazaki City
2006 Web Business newly established
2018 “HACCP” certified processing plant opened in Kuraoka New Town, Miyazaki City