Netshop Management Service

We provide support for businesses that are starting online shops.

We can assist with your questions or concerns including:
How do I go about starting one? How do I run one with limited business skills or knowledge? Or, How do I manage a shop when I don’t have the funds to employee a specialty staff member to run it.
We have experience selling on Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping, as well as EC Mall, so we can provide comprehensive support as you start your own online business.

From taking orders to shipment

We will contact customers who have placed an order through your netshop or EC Mall.
An email with shipping instructions will be sent to businesses who have requested our management services.
Please ship to the customer per the instructions in our email.
After the shipping is completed, please reply to us through email, and the transaction is finished.

Creation of promotional materials

Each online shopping site has different specifications regarding the layout or images.
At the request of clients that we manage, we will provide product image or samples, as well as image processing including catch copy.

Invoicing and Payments

We will request a percentage of your netshop’s monthly sales that is fixed at the time of the creation of our contract.

*The above management flow chart is an orthodox example
  We are able to change services provided depending on client requests or netshop conditions.