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Cleanly Raised

Budou-buta piggery

Located in Miyazaki Prefecture, Aya Town is a beautiful town with clean water and abundant nature that has been designated as a UNESCO ecopark.
All of the livestock cultivated in this environment are raised with the excellent water and feed of Aya Town, however, “budou-buta” in particular, are kept in living conditions that are very clean.
Budou-buta are not raised in stressful conditions, so their piggery has less of a scent than other piggeries and they are usually not prone to any illnesses.
This is one of the reasons that lends to the high safety of their meat.

Strong commitment of producers

Members of Aya Pork Committee

“Budou-buta” are fattened up by the members of the “Agricultural Union Aya Pork Committee.”
Started by an idea of representative member, Mr. Ejima, to utilize the remains of wine grapes that were also produced in the town, the path to making a separate pork brand was not an easy road.
The creation of “budou-buta” only came about after a long period of trial and error, and is due to the unyielding passion of the members of the “Aya Pork Committee.”
Although there are several piggeries in Aya Town, there are only two farms that have been selected to raise “budou-buta” pork, having cleared the incredibly high production standards.

High-quality Feed

We don’t use genetically modified feed

All of the pork overseen by the Aya Pork Committee is raised on home-prepared corn and barley feed that is not genetically modified.
The fat of pork that is raised on this type of feed does not easily turn yellow, and due to the low stress living conditions, the quality of the meat is very soft and tender.
As the smell of these piggeries is comparatively less than that of other piggeries, we believe that using this type of feed is a factor.

Health Management using as few antibiotics as possible

2015 Graph

Many piggeries maintain the health of their livestock by regularly administering antibiotics.
However, the Aya Pork Committee carefully check and maintain health records of each individual pig, so that the amount of antibiotics given is far less than the average administered within Japan.
Budou-buta pigs are administered even less antibiotics.

The rich flavor and reliable quality comes from grape husks


The name “budou-buta” or “grape pork” comes from the grape husks that are regularly added to the pig feed. These husks come from the grapes are used to make “Aya Wine,” which is popular throughout Japan.
They are rich in Vitamin E, which has revitalization properties and create an even higher quality meat.
The polyphenol which is found in these grapes, has anti-bacterial properties which helps to keep the pigs healthy and maintain their low stress levels.
The meat of “budou-buta” has a faintly sweet taste with no odor and smooth fat.

Safety of the production area


Map of Japan and UNESCO ecopark logo “Budou-buta” is raised in Miyazaki Prefecture’s Aya Town, one of the most naturally pristine areas in Japan.
The clean water that flows through the town was selected as one of Japan’s hundred famous waters, and Aya Town is known as a place where “people can live in harmony with nature.”
In 2012, it was designated as a UNESCO ecopark.
The beef and pork produced in Aya Town, is raised in conjunction with organic pesticides in order to preserve the natural ecosystem.

A pork brand supported by both farmers and the local government

Aya Town Mayor, Yutaka Meada

“Budou-buta” is a pork brand produced in Aya Town that is raised in a unique environment, with the passion and love of the town residents.
In addition to farmers, the local government also has a strong connection to “budou-buta” and both parties work hard to promote the awareness of this brand.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that all of Aya Town, including Mayor Yutaka Maeda, provide support to continue its development and growth.
The quality, safety, and taste of the “budou-buta” brand pork is officially recognized by Aya Town’s local government facilities.

“Budou-buta” hybrids


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