Overseas Business Activities

We want people all over the world to eat meats grown in Miyazaki!

In addition to appearing on Taiwanese media, such as local tv programs, we have established an overseas office within the Taiwan World Trade Center to further allow our staff, products, and business plans to be closely linked with the local area.

We work with the regional trading company located in Taipei World Trade Center that is originally from Miyazaki City in Kyushu Island. We cooperate with them to sell products from Miyazaki to Taiwan.

About Miyazaki Beef(Japan Black)

Miyazaki beef got“Prime Minister's Awards” in National Wagyu Beef Joint Competition, and it won first place in 3 Wagyu Olympics in a row.

Also, it can be called the Japanese animal husbandry kingdom.

The farmers who raises Miyazaki Beef always hold awareness to " Raising perfect fleshy Wagyu".

Therefore they got a lot of recognition and support from restaurants around the world.

Supply Strength

We don't just sell a head of Wagyu, we also can supply products in a specific part.

You can try our Miyazaki Beef at low risk.

We want to help chefs who want to pick perfect and premium Wagyu.