Store Sales

Since foundation over seventy years ago, we have always pursued the finest meats.
We are happy to service any meat-related inquiries.

We have served as a butcher shop since our founding over seventy years ago.

Situated along Route 10, we have many clients ranging from locals, to customers that live far away who visit us to purchase our meats.

Although our shop is not considerably large, we have an average of about 3,000 customers per month.

During our busy season of December, nearly 10,000 customers visit us.

We provide opportunities for our clients to learn “what certain types of meat are like” by hosting regular food tastings or other learning events at the shop, in addition to employee seminars focusing on certain products or brands.

We are dedicated to providing chances for customers to actually experience the supreme taste of our products.

Additionally, we also offer products that can be wrapped for New Year’s or the holiday gifting seasons.

Each year, we send many gifts for clients who have made purchases at our shop.

Sales by Weight

Our Shingaki Meats Hanagashima Branch sells meat in gram increments.

It can be difficult to get the exact amount of meat you want from the selections sold at the local supermarket.

Additionally, if you want to buy a large amount of meat, you will have to dispose of the rubbish from multiple meat packages.

We happily recommend this service to families, as well as people living alone. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding it.

Rental Contents

・Mid-size burner (60x40) [around 10 people] or large burner (90x60) [around 30 people]
・Grilling Net
・Small grid net
・Iron plate (*limited number)
・Stand (for large drum-type only)

Q&A Regarding Grill Rentals

Q. Can grills be reserved?
A. Yes. They can also be reserved in advance of the day you plan to use them.

Q. If we tell you our budget, can you supply an appropriate amount of meat?
A. Yes. If you let us know the number of attendees and their genders and age, as well as the type and cuts of meat you would like, we will work to meet your requests.
*Please contact us with cancelations before 12 pm on the day before your reservation (unless we are closed that day).

Q. Can you have the grill delivered to a location where we will be holding a BBQ?
A. No, in principle, we do not offer grill deliveries.

Notes and Requests regarding grill returns

On returning, you must bring your paper application with you
Please contact us if you will be late returning the grill
Please wash the parts before returning them
Please make sure all parts are returned
If you lose a part, you will be responsible for a penalty payment